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Defi Land Launches Its Play-to-Earn Game

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Solana’s agro simulation gaming project released its first game with P2E elements.

DeFi Land, a blockchain-based multichain agriculture simulation game, launched its first play-to-earn game to gamify decentralized finance (DeFi).

DeFi Land Introduces a New P2E Game

The game will be online tonight, May 18th, at 8 PM UTC, according to a press release shared with CryptoPotato. It will allow users to fish, shoot, farm, drive harvesters, care for pets, and do various other things.

In exchange, gamers will receive DFL and GOLDY, the DeFi Land ecosystem’s governance, and in-game currencies. Players can use these tokens to improve, personalize, construct, and repair their in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Before using the P2E feature, players must own at least one DeFi Land Gen-0 NFT. OpenSea and Magic Eden have 22000 Gen-0 NFTs circulating at 0.9 SOL.

DeFi Land Provides a Free-to-Earn Mode

The game offers a free alternative that requires no initial commitment. Free-to-play players can accumulate XP and climb the leaderboard to win DFL, GOLDY, and in-game NFTs.

The DeFi Land ecosystem was first released without monetary benefits, according to the press release. Still, the initiative has attracted over 7,500 daily users and 25,000 monthly users eager to play the new game.

Although the game will first offer on Solana, the organization plans to test other chains in the following months.

With 7,500 DAU and 25,000 MAU, DeFi Land continues to climb the overall rankings. Things will heat up as the team prepares to unveil the first-of-its-kind Play-and-Earn game mechanics. DeFi Land plans to study a multichain future in the coming months, with more announcements about chain integrations expected in June. The alpha mobile version of the game is currently in development.

Mechanics of Play-and-Earn Gaming

With the new gaming mechanics introduction, players will receive rewards with the native $DFL token and new in-game money called $GOLDY. These currencies can use to upgrade in-game NFTs or to personalize, craft, repair, and socialize with other players.

Players must own one DeFi Land Gen-0 NFT to access the new play-and-earn capabilities. The good news is that players do not require any initial cash to access DeFi Land, thanks to the game’s free-to-play model. Using the free mode, players can gain XP and climb the leaderboard to compete in monthly rewards such as DFL, GOLDY, and in-game NFTs.

Significant Achievements and Future Integrations

This new breed of play-and-earn is now available to all users. Indeed, this step will likely improve the game’s attractiveness in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Since it gathered much support and interest without offering monetary awards. DeFi Land is already the third most valuable game in terms of market worth. As well as it was the first Solana-based gamification company.

Along with the debut of play-and-earn mechanisms, DeFi Land recently collaborated with STEPN and plans to explore a multichain future in the coming months, with more chain integration announcements in June. Thus, the alpha mobile version of the game is currently in development and will release in Q3 2022.

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