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DinoStep— The First Move to Earn App

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DinoStep.App or DinoStep is the First-Move-To-Earn App with virtual dinosaurs to deploy on Binance Smart Chain on May 7, 2022. 

DinoStep is an excellent project for individuals who wish to deepen their bond with their virtual dinosaurs while also earning money in a meaningful way.

They are the first Move-To-Earn project with a strong connection to Digital Dinosaur. Users acquire dinosaurs by spending a certain amount of BNB. Every sporting activity such as walking, or running with a virtual dinosaur will provide numerous amazing outcomes. SocialFi in DinoStep aims to build a miniature society of virtual dinosaur owners who want to build healthy habits in life.


The governance token is DNS while the utility token is DST.

How to Play DinoStep

First, Download DinoStep App (iOS/Android) [Release date will be announced later]
Then, buy BNB and mint your first dinosaur. Lastly, start the very first journey with your dinosaur and enjoy other game modes like walking, running, and team mode.

Dinosaurs Collection NFT

The dinosaurs in DinoStep require NFT to participate in the game. With thousands of dinosaurs of different types and colors, DinoStep will give users the most incredible experience while interacting with dinosaurs and still being able to earn money.

Each dinosaur will not have the same energy and earning cap. There will be only 5000 Eggs at first in DinoStep App and will be sold on the marketplace.

In near future, new users can only enter the game by purchasing eggs from breeding. The dinosaur’s energy can replenish faster if users feed the dinosaur using the $DST Token.

Water Bottle

The water bottle is a necessary NFT to feed your dinosaur and get a reward in background feeding mode.

It saves time however, you’ll receive less reward.

Smart Watches

It is a piece of must-have equipment to enter the walking mode. 

Running Shoes

Every runner needs a shoe with their Dinosaur! It is a necessary item for running mode. It has high rewards as well as good for your health.

Team Bracelets

Team up with your friends and participate in their weekly contest, consequently, top winners will receive $DNS as a reward.

Game Modes on DinoStep

Rest and Earn (Feeding Mode): Users will be able to earn $DST even if the DinoStep App is not actively used by entering the background feeding mode. This mode requires a Dinosaur & a Water Bottle in the inventory.

Walking Mode: In walking mode, users will equip a Smart Watch & Dinosaurs to go together. Thus, each Dinosaur will have different energy and earning cap. Every time the energy runs out, you can spend time with your virtual dinosaur in your own way.

Running Mode: The running mode is similar to Walking mode but at a higher speed. Also, running shoes are a requirement to participate in this mode. 

Team up Mode: Instead of playing alone, users can participate in the weekly team-up mode and compete in pairs to win attractive rewards in DinoStep. It is the same as the weekly and monthly contest models. So to identify teams, the user will have to equip Team Bracelets.


On the Marketplace, users can rent/lease, sell/buy NFT and Dinosaurs, which is a perfect solution for while you’re on vacation. The currencies in marketplace are $DNS / BNB.

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