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MetaMask Warns About Funds at Risk

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MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet provider. It has issued a warning on Twitter about a feature that could put its users’ assets at risk. Users who use weak passwords put themselves at risk of hackers. This is due to the iCloud backup of an app’s data.

Phishing Scam Warning

If this is the case, MetaMask’s claims of phishing assaults and other criminal techniques to steal the cash of users could be true. According to a crypto wallet provider, iCloud will back up a user’s password-protected MetaMask vault. This is if the user has such a feature enabled. However, a user could lose money if his/her password is not strong enough, and then someone gets hold of their iCloud credentials.

According to MetaMask, owners of Apple devices can stop this feature by going to their general settings and selecting the iCloud option. Once in the Backups section, customers need to disable the crypto wallet’s backup option. According to the wallet’s provider, users can disable iCloud Backup in Settings and then go to their Apple ID/iCloud. They should then update their iCloud Backup settings. This is if they wish the system to perform backups without your permission in the future.

DeFiance Capital CEO Attacked

In the last few months, there has been an upsurge in the number of assaults on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. According to Arthur 0x, the founder of DeFiance Capital, this could be the consequence of a targeted attack on the crypto industry. They believe BlueNorOff is executing an organized campaign to target the most notable firms in the crypto field. This is based on their analysis and conversations with cyber security professionals.

Arthur, according to Bitcoinist, was the victim of a phishing scam that cost him over 1.5 million dollars.  Somewhere at that period, the DeFiance Capital thought that the assailant was a part of a larger strategy to carry out social engineering attacks on individuals.

In a recent Twitter conversation, Arthur appears to back up this claim. On social media, he claimed that the attackers may have the industry’s “connection graph”. This increases the risk to founders, developers, and users.

MetaMask Issues a Vulnerability Alert

According to the founder of DeFiance Capital, Kaspersky is investigating on BlueNorOff, a malevolent outfit notorious for its cryptocurrency-related. A state-sponsored cybercriminal group that is exceptionally resourceful and smart is actively targeting this industry, and it is imperative that this industry is aware of this. 0x added that they may even alter their tactics in the future.

Additionally, investigators have implicated the infamous Lazarus Group in the current attacks on the business. Reports have linked both groups to rogue governments, such as North Korea.

Rather than targeting banks and other centralized institutions, these groups should have turned their focus to DeFi initiatives. Attackers benefit from the reward/risk trade-off. This is because they can make millions of dollars from a single successful hit.

Even if a hardware wallet uses to prevent attacks on MetaMask, the protection may be insufficient. 0x advocated for the development of multi-signature wallets and custody solutions like Fireblocks and Copper, as well as increased vigilance on the part of businesses and end-users. Ethereum is currently trading at $3,000 with a 1.5% profit.

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