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OmniaVerse Monetizing Art in the Multiverse

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OmniaVerse is a multi-chain platform that lets users sell their artwork on games that support the metaverse, like Minecraft, Rust, and Meta.

Friday, June 17, 2022, at 4 pm EST, OmniaVerse plans to start their Private sale on PinkSale. To get whitelisted, you must join their Telegram group and sign up at https://t.me/omniaverseOfficial. There will be 200,000,000 OMNIA tokens for sale. There will be a minimum purchase of 50k OMNIA and a maximum of 2 million per wallet during the private sale.

When it comes to building games, whether they’re tangible or virtual, OmniaVerse is a portal for artists to do so. Artists can monetize their work using this platform.

OmniaVerse will launch on BSC with plans to go multichain soon, expanding to Polygon and Ethereum. They are currently building a bridge that will be available on their DApp. This will make it quick and easy for users to bridge across multiple networks. After Omniaverse launches, they plan to list on BiBox and BitForex immediately. 

OmniaVerse A Home for Artists

With the rise of new blockchain platforms and applications, OmniaVerse recognized a need to construct a platform for artists who create artwork. But this time on Multiverse, which supports metaverse flavors like Minecraft and Meta powered by Binance Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

For an even more fantastic experience, the platform would integrate with Oculus to create a seamless metaverse. Put on Oculus and start making amazing things on Minecraft or MetaQuest, whether they are imaginary or real. You can sell or monetize your creation once it has been completed and made available to the public.

OmniaVerse has partnered with different businesses to broaden its product and services portfolio further. To make this happen, it has gained the support of its amazingly colossal community with more than eight thousand subscribers.

As a gamer, buyer, developer, or NFT enthusiast, OmniaVerse integrates with Opensea, a place for overflowing NFTs. After joining the ecosystem, you can stake Brise Paradise, 4D Twin Maps, OmniaVerse, etc. Anyone with a smartphone and internet access can subscribe to OpenSea, participate in P2P, and list or buy on the platform.

The Platform on Bitgert

After the Bitgert Startup Studio started projects, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain started putting out projects that help people in small businesses. OmniaVerse is the first project from the Bitgert Startup Studio to create a presale on the Brise chain. In the first 24 hours after the project went live on the Bitgert chain, it raised more than $150K, which is a massive win for the project.

However, after some time with Bitgert, OmniaVerse has released a statement on its Twitter account that it will part ways with Bitgert.

OmniaVerse looks forward to their private sale and relaunching on BSC.

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