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Swappi Debuts on Mainnet

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On Conflux eSpace, the leading DEX helps users get the most of their cryptocurrency in three ways: Swap, Stake & Earn, and Win.

Conflux is a permissionless layer 1 blockchain that offers much cheaper transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Swappi has become the ideal site for trades and earning by deploying on Conflux. Not to mention that Swappi has some of the lowest fees of any major DEX: 0.25 percent.

Main Features of Swappi

Swappi is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is powered by an automated market maker (AMM). This makes token trades quick and secure. Having stated that, Swappi showcases four primary characteristics.

Swap is the very first feature. This is where users can trade their various tokens. CFX, WBTC, ETH, and USDT are the four tokens accessible to trade at launch. In addition, more tokens will be introduced over time.

Liquidity is another advantage it has. It has a liquidity pool where LP tokens of various tokens can be created.

Farming is another feature. The ability to stake LP tokens for incentives in Swappi is a fantastic feature.

The final feature would be staking. PPI can be used to increase the returns on farmed LP.

Liquidity Pool and Farm Introduction

The first batch of liquidity pools (LP) will begin trading. CFX/WBTC, CFX/ETH, and CFX/USDT are the LP tokens available for farming.

Moreover, the LP tokens are simple to make. On the liquidity tab, match up equal quantities of the tokens users want to pair. “Add Liquidity” is pressed, and voilà! The LP token has been made.

PPI – Swappi’s governing token — will be used to reward farmers.

Adding Liquidity to Pools

The very first thing to do is to click on the Liquidity tab on the Swappi page. Then, users must add the liquidity. Thirdly, select the liquidity option on the dropdown box then add a second coin. After that, customers must enter the value of one token, and the amount required for the second coin will be calculated automatically.

Furthermore, the maximum button selects the whole amount of a selected coin. The user will be unable to finish the transaction if they do not have enough of a specified token.

The user can then approve the second liquidity from their wallet to be staked by clicking the Approval for the second liquidity icon. To approve the ability to access the second chosen liquidity, click Confirm in MetaMask.

After the user has been allowed access to the second liquidity, click the Supply button to stake the liquidity and generate an LP token. A message will appear asking the user to confirm that they want to create the LP token. They can now use the button to confirm supply. 

Finally, click Confirm in the MetaMask wallet to approve the transaction.

Boosting the PPI

Users can use their PPI to increase their LP farm rewards. As an incentive for locking in the PPI, boosting is simply a technique to stake the PPI and raise the return on LP farms.

Users must keep in mind that the longer they keep the PPI locked in, the greater the benefits. They must first go to Swappi’s Staking tab to boost LP farms. Then they stake their PPI for a defined period of time throughout the course of seven days.

Finally, select the farm they wish to boost from the agricultural tab. After 7 days, users will be able to claim their rewards.

Emission Schedules

The PPI coin has no pre-sales, private sales, or pre-listing allocations. The distribution of all tokens follows the emission timetable. Over the first month of launch, 11% of total PPI will be emitted and 30% within the first three months.

On the other hand, the distribution part will determine how all PPI tokens are distributed. As public payouts, Team, Treasury, and Marketing funds are issued at the predetermined rate. It’s worth noting that LP token stakers receive 50% of all PPI as rewards. The LP stakers are the ones who provide the exchange service with liquidity; hence they should be rewarded the most.

Swappi will support MetaMask when it launches. The Fluent wallet from Conflux is also being developed to enable eSpace.

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