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TSDT Launches New Crypto Token

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The Six Dragons team announced that a new cryptocurrency for game players would release soon.

Players will be able to craft goods with this coin. The team has also stated that they have preliminary ideas to develop multiplayer PvP and PvE modes.

One of the most eagerly awaited blockchain games of 2019-2020 has been The Six Dragons. It gained prominence early last year — when the team revealed its intention to employ Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Enjin Efinity.

The Six Dragons’ early demo film showed excellent graphics, an engaging plot, and a complex crafting system.

Since then, The Six Dragons has progressed steadily. An improved crafting system allows players to create new Enjin-backed products, as shown in a team video released in November.

Shortly after, the closed alpha became accessible to those who pledged their support early on.

The reveal of a new token and the possibility of new multiplayer modes should help the team speed up the game’s release and attract a larger audience.

What is TSDT?

The Six Dragons Token, or TSDT, will be the new cryptocurrency just for the game. The Enjin cryptocurrency (ENJ) will back it up 1:1.

To receive TSDT, a player must visit an exchange NPC and pay the desired amount of ENJ. The player gets TSDT and his ENJ goes into an Exchange Pool, which the game will use to redeem items in the future.

The player must provide the in-game resources and TSDT equivalent to the item’s ENJ backing when crafting it. If a sword has 0.01 ENJ and consists iron and wood, the player will need to contribute wood, iron, and 0.01 TSDT to properly craft it.

If a player buys TSDT and then decides not to use it, they can sell it back to the exchange NPC for ENJ.

Previously, the player had to pay ENJ each time he made an item, which was a significant financial burden. This could have resulted in high gas fees for gamers.

ENJ Efinity Sidechain

The team expected this issue to resolve with the launch of the Enjin Efinity sidechain. When the launch of Efinity delayed, this new cryptocurrency was a workaround.

The TSDT in the Exchange Pool will melt periodically. And when these melt transactions occur, the developer of The Six Dragons will charge gas fees. Because the TSDT will melt in large batches, gas fees should be low.

There will be no presale of the new TSDT cryptocurrency, and it will not be for fundraising purposes. Because each token can exchange for one Enjin Coin, their value should closely tie to the value of the Enjin Coin.

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